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    Are you a high achiever and someone who is not satisfied with where you are at personally, professionally and financially?
    I am opening a limited number of spots this year to special individuals who would like to work with me on an Elite One on One Coaching level or a Group Coaching level. Please fill out and submit the form below.
    Take a proactive step this year to achieve your full potential as an artist, entrepreneur and creative type.
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    Do you know it is up to you to decide how your story is going to end? Do you know how to get to the next level?
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What people say about Bridgette's coaching

It was during the Art Cure workshop last summer where I was introduced to the idea of having an art coach and while a new concept to me and appearing like potentially something that could be beneficial, it also seemed out of reach.  Fast forward four months of applying what I had learned in the workshop to my daily practice, I was seeing more opportunities and tangible results.  In November, I decided to leap and do one-on-one coaching with Bridgette.

Within the first 30 days, I had generated half of what I had generated in art sale income the entire year before.  I was seeing incredible results through her suggestions and guidance. Since embarking on coaching I have had a solo show and I have another solo show on the books for the fall. I’ve also have had my work published in two journals.

Bridgette has helped me to structure my time, plan my weeks and envision my years. Through her energy, experience and encouragement she has helped me to explore possibilities that I would have never thought of or considered on my own.  She has helped me gain confidence to set goals that before seemed insurmountable, that these goals are possible and manageable through having a plan, hard work, keeping focused, and staying positive. She has helped me overcome fears that were obstacles keeping me from taking action.

One of the first big events she helped me plan was a studio sale where over 100 people visit my studio in one day! This all requires organization, hard work, detailed planning and focusing your energy on the right things. Bridgette guiding me on the approach and through this process of how to market the event made a huge impact. My previous attempts had not been nearly so fruitful.

Working with Bridgette has been a significant component to my success this year. I can recommend her for anyone who is serious about taking their art career to new heights and to do so, is ready to be honest with themselves, face their fears and work hard.

E.M. - Atlanta, GA

Big Anniversaries and Birthdays often come with big gifts. Many people ask for jewelry, vacations, or parties. Not me, I asked for Bridgette Mayer Johnson’s coaching and I’m glad I did because It was life changing. Bridgette swiftly instilled confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to back it up with measurable outcomes.

Through honest feedback, Bridgette helped me to identify strengths as well as challenges, then quickly taught me to establish objectives, manage my time, and align daily activities with the goals set forth. Through collaboration, we launched a new website, established marketing plans, and implemented professional development strategies.

Quantifiable results included a solo exhibit, three group shows, and the acquisition of two paintings by a major University. By August, my year over year sales average doubled and the additional income more than covered the cost of coaching.

Bridgette’s coaching empowered me to put a solid set of accomplishments and actions in motion to continually advance my career and grow opportunities. In summation, this is the gift that keeps giving!

P.Cahill - Philadelphia, PA

I was working in a clothing company when I met Bridgette making enough to just get by.  I was making my artwork in my free time and was selling a piece here, a piece there, honestly making just enough to get by. I was living in fear as my dream was to be a working artist. I was missing the discipline, knowledge and energy that was needed to really take my work and income to the next level. Working with Brigette has brought into my business as an artist not only clarity, but confidence, knowledge, and direction to what it is I am looking to accomplish. She immediately brought structure into my day to day schedule and gave me feedback and suggestions in all aspects of my art business including my pricing, website, artist statement and resume.  I didn’t have an artist resume or real artist statement until she coached me through it.
Since working with Bridgette, I have sold my highest priced piece and I am creating multiple sources of passive income through avenues I never knew existed. I also have a plan in place under her guidance to capture my money coming in just from my art sales.  I have a clear picture of my schedule each day and what I am working on this year.  My energy and creativity has gotten a second wind and I am now earning more money and have even more fulfillment through my art then I ever thought possible. Thanks to Brigette I have streamlined all my ideas into precise goals that I am working each day to accomplish. I am very grateful to work with her!

A. Hall - Encinitas, CA

Bridgette Mayer is amazing.  She gave my career and my working practice a very needed jumpstart.  I had been stumbling through my artistic career for a number years when I began working with Bridgette as a coach.  Within two weeks, I had an exhibition of my work lined up in a new gallery, sold more work than I had in a year, and completely restructured my working process.  She did this by getting to the core of what was holding me back and helping me to address that in a positive way.  She provided me with concrete directions that were specific to my needs and working habits.  With her boundless energy and passion for my betterment, Bridgette has put me on a path of success: real, attainable success both as a painter and as a person.

A. Bentley - Washington, DC

My time working with Bridgette Mayer began in June during her Art Cure workshop.  I quickly realized that there were so many things that I should have been doing in both my practice and my life that I wasn’t.  As result of the workshop, I shifted my thinking to be more positive from what I couldn’t do to what I could do and promptly within three weeks sold five paintings and secured a solo exhibition. In the second month of my one-on-one coaching with Bridgette, I am positioned to create ongoing success through a new business that Bridgette helped me conceptualize and set up. Her individualized, no nonsense approach to coaching pushes me to realize my potential, all the while being supportive and treating my success as her own. Since working with Bridgette I have sold over $5000 in paintings, was published in three journals, was selected for The Artist Catalogue, launched a new business (which had clients the week it launched and thus far has made me over $3000.00), and sent paintings to consultants in Virginia and Texas for potential sale. Over the years I have invested a lot of time and money into my practice with minimal returns, and I am grateful to Bridgette for putting me on the path to financial independence. I still have a lot of work to do, but with Bridgette Mayer’s coaching, I feel confident I’ll be able to sustain my practice and continue to grow investing in coaching is the best decision I’ve made for my future.

M.Kishita - Philadelphia, PA

One on one coaching with Bridgette has been empowering and eye opening. Her dedication to making sure all professional areas of my life are being addressed has already made a huge impact on my career. Specifically: within the first few weeks of working together Bridgette helped me conduct a studio event and I sold over 10 pieces to new homes! We discussed pricing and marketing and came up with a pricing structure and a plan.  She is also involved in curating projects and invited me to be a featured artist coming up at an art fair in Miami. I also began to receive more acceptances to exhibitions and residencies with the help of a simple schedule shift and focusing on what my time would entail for professional development work. Each week we create specific goals in order to maximize my growth and success. I feel more organized and confident in my art business. Bridgette goes above and beyond her job as a coach to help her clients, and I would recommend her to any artist looking to take control of their business. It has been a well worthwhile investment.

E. Popova - Philadelphia, PA

I did not have plans to work with an art career consultant. I saw Bridgette’s workshop for artists on Facebook and simply went on instinct to join the group at her gallery. After having heard her speak I was absolutely sold on the need for her help to take my career as a painter to the next level.

Bridgette offers not only years of  expertise in the field of marketing and selling art, but also a background in fine art. Along with her formidable experience, she has a great attitude and such an approachable personality. She is so easy to work with even when she is demanding more of me as an artist.

In the first few weeks I was taking steps to improves my resume, statement, and website with Bridgette’s support and guidance. Through her observations in my studio I was able to see my production more objectively and take steps to really push it to new levels. I was shifting my approach to  better manage sales in my studio.

Bridgette has encouraged me to take a fresh look at every aspect of making and selling my work and has even turned into the light areas that I didn’t even know needed to exist in order to become as successful as I can be.

Her guidance not only helps with the nuts and bolts aspects of building a career but her intuition about people allows her to see where an artist may be holding themselves back in ways they never thought existed.

With Bridgette’s guidance, I now know it is possible to have the career as an artist that I want – one where I am making the best work of my life along with the sales that make it possible.

I so highly recommend working with Bridgette to anyone who is ready to really take their career as an artist  into a bigger place. She is wonderful to work with and somehow always seems to know what needs to come next.

K. Fredendall - Philadelphia, PA